Inspired by 19 century Vilnius bourgeois cuisine!

Restaurant Mykolo 4

Go. Go aside.

You won’t find such real Vilnius in Vilnius as in the courtyards. So here you are.

Mykolo 4.

The place hard to find and hard to forget.

We did all the best to represent the local cuisine – from the 19th century dated scratch-books of local grannies to our discoveries – we’ve put all into our into Menu. This is what we are proud of. The history of our side streets. Where it belongs.

That’s how it is: You might not know know of our famous writers or historians who used to live here back from 19th century or even before in these premises, but we do believe they’ve got a good taste. We think we do so.

So here is our, oh- not our – the local menu.

Menu which is based on the history we were looking for. Menu which was told to us and was adapted to the nowadays techniques. And you. Welcome.

Visit us, and get embraced by gastronomic secrets of Vilnius bourgeois cuisine, Old Town cosiness as well as our sincere hospitality.

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À la Carte Menu

Restaurant’s menu reflects the traditions of Vilnius bourgeois gastronomy by relying on old culinary publications and even original notes of the housewives. 

Our main source of knowledge, as well as inspiration, is a cookbook called “Kucharka Litewska”, written by Wincentyna A.L. Zawadzka. This precious manual was published in XIX century, the first copies of which got printed in the neighbouring street to our current restaurant location.

However, we are not intended to recreate the old dishes precisely as during long decades not only our own perception of taste got changed, but technologies too. Thus, we are bringing the old recipes to daylight, and share their modern interpretations in the best seasonality-based way.


Order premaid dishes from restaurant Mykolo 4! All the time-consuming cooking work will be prepared by our team, all you have to do is warm up. Select from a variety of dishes: from simple to complex, what the residents of Vilnius ate a few hundred years ago, or liked recently. Tartar kibinas, dumplings with various fillings, Litvak pancakes, Lithuanian zrazas or various meat products prepared with modern sous vide technique. Compose to your preferences and enjoy restaurant-level dishes in your cozy home!

Wine List

XVIII century was the time when remarkable vin français cult emerged in Lithuania’s culture: it successfully took roots and stayed until the present days.

In pre-war Vilnius, bourgeois citizens were enjoying German and Hungarian wines, but the French ones coming from Bordeaux as well as Burgundy were the most desirable. During those times enogastronomy, explained by food and wine pairing, gained popularity too. 

Today the diners in our restaurant can enjoy various wines from the different winemaking regions that serve as a great aperitif or excellent food companion. We are very glad that our list is flourished with local Lithuanian production too. When the most advanced European winemaking traditions are being followed, even carefully selected fruits, as well as unusual berries, can turn to quality wine! 

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Tasting Menu (soon)

Variety of nations that lived in Vilnius during the pre-war times was particularly complex. Back to the days, one could frequently greet Jews, Poles or Russians, but pure Lithuanian was rarely met. Therefore it’s not surprising that Litvac, Tatar and Slavic traditions distinctly intertwined into Vilnius culinary history.

In order to better reflect this great diversity of pre-war Vilnius gastronomy, we are continually creating dynamic tasting menus, exclusively dedicated to the town’s ethnic minorities.

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